Before social media was a thing, if people wanted to be heard online, they maintained their own websites.

And on these websites, they wrote whatever they wanted, and expressed themselves any and every way they saw fit.

Of course, this site did not emerge from that. It is a representation of what my vivid dream, or the dream of elevatorium, was all about.

Initially a dream supposed to be turned into a short film, clearly none of that happened. And to be frank, I’m quite happy it did not.

Something that I felt held some serious sentimental merit clearly went nowhere. And that is okay. If anything, it taught me a bunch.

While I still permit the word to hold its sentimentality with me, it is in a much different light. Its soundtrack is still near and dear to me.

Now the site is just somewhere in an exceptionally vulnerable public place I share my thoughts, whatever they may be.

Let’s run with it and see what happens.