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  • This is a test.

    I am having serious trouble yet again on what to write about or if I should even write at all, however!!! This week brings some new additions to office and office annex. Yes, I now have to have an “office annex,” because I am a computer hoarder and the record collection is growing, tee hee.… Continue reading

  • “Cosmic Debris”

    You know, I think it’s time to dump social media. Not you—you know, you do whatever you want—but for me, yeah. It’s really lost its appeal. I think I would have been in mega trouble if that nonsense existed when I was mega young. Today’s me is nowhere near yesterday’s. And if you feel differently,… Continue reading

  • Onward to Elsewhere

    Onward to Elsewhere

    First time I wrote something proper for this site. It’s nice. I had a killer flow, and I was totally in the zone. Continue reading